Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary

Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary

Short Paragraphs in Spanish translated to English for your convenience. Here you will learn basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar within short paragraphs that tell a story. You no longer have to rely on vocabulary lists as you read.

This teaching method is exclusive to CostaRica SpanishOnline Language School, the first online Spanish school that specializes in teaching those students who prefer self-learning, or “Independent Students”.

Audio for this book will be released soon.

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Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary 2

The second volume of the series Spanish Reader for Beginners Elementary 1, 2 & 3, is the next level of short paragraphs with English translation, where you will find new vocabulary, the next level of grammar, and much more. It is the same style that is used in the the first book of the series. No more vocabulary lists at the end of the book.

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