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Learn Spanish in Costa Rica|CostaRica SpanishOnline

 We love to teach Spanish 

It is true! At CostaRica SpanishOnline, changing people’ lives is not something we say;

it is the very core of the culture of our Online Spanish School in Costa Rica.

It is the essence of who we are, and the driving force behind everything we do.

We offer you 60 minute lessons on Skype or Zoom at your convenience.

You may choose to have 1 lesson a week, 2 lessons a week, or 3 lessons a week, at your convenience.


Why CostaRica SpanishOnline?

Perhaps you are at a beginner level and you want to start learning.

You may already have an intermediate level and want to move forward.

You may be at a an advanced level and you want to improve your skills.

We offer a Spanish Course for every level with our unique learning method.