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Spanish Reader for Intermediate & Advanced Students 
 Spanish to English Translation


Spanish Language Reader for Intermediate and Advanced Students, translated from Spanish to English, is intended for Spanish language learners who wish to review various aspects of Spanish Grammar that often require additional work, such as The Preterit and Imperfect Tenses, extensive usage of Reflexive Verbs, and The Present Subjunctive Mood.

Spanish Reader for Intermediate and Advanced Students is the fourth book of the series, Spanish Readers for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Students: a unique collection of short stories in Spanish-Latin America- written with Grammar in mind, as well as entertaining stories with an unusual twist.

The translation provided in this book serves the sole purpose of assisting the reader in their effort to follow the story and learn new vocabulary. I have made the attempt to keep the original meaning conveyed by each sentence and phrase; although, it may very much differ from the writing style in English.

This collection of short stories is a unique creation of CostaRica SpanishOnline, the first online Spanish school in Costa Rica to provide immersion Spanish courses via Skype.

Each volume: Beginner I to Advanced III, provides short stories that keep the reader guessing until you reach the end, which provides an unexpected turn of events.

You will find a unique blend of social and cultural aspects of Latin America - focused on my beloved Costa Rica -, modern and traditional lifestyles, transitional phrases, Grammar adequate for each particular level, as well as entertainment and extensive practice of grammatical structures required in order to achieve full understanding of structure, new vocabulary and fluency.

I hope you find this Spanish Reader useful and entertaining as well.


Iris Acevedo A.