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 Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary
 Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary takes basic Spanish Grammar Structures, such as the verbs Ser and Estar, Haber, Tener and others, and places them in scenarios that are easy to understand. Although this Spanish book is fully translated from Spanish to English, we encourage students to understand the differences and uses of certain Grammatical Structures and verbs through paragraphs providing examples and short exercises that trigger intuitive learning. 

However, because this is a Basic Spanish Reader, I have provided literal Spanish to English translation of all paragraphs for the reader to comprehend sentence structure in Spanish thus acquiring greater understanding regarding the way we speak Spanish in Latin America.

In the beginning, as you start out learning Spanish as a Foreign Language, the various uses of the verbs Ser and Estar may seem quite challenging; nevertheless, through the unique teaching style of CostaRica SpanishOnline Language School, the learner is able to comprehend these structures in a way that he or she feels it is their own ability to learn a Foreign Language that is performing the task. 

We highly suggest, at the beginner level of course, starting out with Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary, previous to purchasing Spanish Reader for Beginners.