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Spanish Conversation Book for Beginners

 Spanish Conversation Book for Beginners I & II- the first volume of a series of 3 books:  Spanish Conversation Book for Beginner, Intermediate 1, and Spanish Conversation Book Intermediate II- provides a collection of short, medium length and long dialogues with a complete translation from Spanish to English. 

This popular series of three  Spanish books on Amazon has been created by Iris Acevedo A., founder of 
CostaRica SpanishOnline, the online Spanish school in Costa Rica that provides online Skype Spanish immersion programs for foreigners who prefer to study Spanish One-On-One via Skype, and use all tools available through online learning.

The series
Spanish Conversation Book for Beginner, Intermediate, and Intermediate II  provides Spanish Language learners with thorough practice of Spanish Grammar Structures, entwined within each dialogue, enabling students to study on their own as well as providing teachers who do not speak English a translation of all dialogues.

We guarantee, you will find these Spanish dialogues an engaging and unique source for practicing structures that require extensive work in order to master skills previously acquired in a classroom environment or through independent learning.

Moreover, we offer a unique language learning tool for Spanish Grammar comprehension, in addition to new usage of vocabulary used in Latin America in the year 2016, Spanish Reader for Beginners and Spanish Reader for Beginners I &II, from a friendly series of seven books: Spanish Reader for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Students.