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 Spanish Reader Intermediate
-80 pages
-Short Stories in Spanish
-Spanish Phrases
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Spanish Reader Intermediate is A unique creation of CostaRica SpanishOnline , the first online Spanish School in Costa Rica for independent learners.

Spanish Reader Intermediate provides the independent learner of Spanish wa collection of short stories; each with an unusual twist that will keep you reading thus providing you with additional sentence and question structure reinforcement, contemporary phrases used in Latin America, transitional phrases according to level of Spanish acquired by the reader, and entertainment as you learn. 

Spanish Reader Intermediate is the third volume of the series of seven books: S p a n i s h  R e a d e r  f o r  B e g i n n e r s , Intermediate, and Advanced Students . In addition, we have put together a series of three volumes Spanish Conversation Book for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Students, a collection of medium length and long dialogues in Spanish to compliment your learning. 

As of now, you will find on Amazon Spanish Conversation Book for Beginners, Spanish Conversation Book Beginners I&II. I am certain you will find this Spanish Reader a unique source of learning.

Iris Acevedo A.